Competition’s specialty, weekly service will allow you the consumer to free yourself from the extra household task of tending to the pool. We at Competition Pool use our own filter system to vacuum your pool thereby reducing the demands to your equipment. We can use your store-bought chemicals or our own, saving you yet another visit away from your own busy schedule.

“Above Ground, In Ground, In Door, Out Door, Low Chlor, No Chlor, Swimming Water Balance, no vessel to small, no body too big.”

Put shortly, vacuuming dirty pools is our favorite thing to do. During the summer months we visit close to seventy homes per week, and Competition Pools is eager to add yours to our roster.

During any typical maintenance visit, the water chemistry is examined and adjusted. Skimmer baskets and robots are emptied and washed out, and surface debris, when found, is removed. Each and every pool is then vacuumed with our system – not yours. The idea is that our equipment collects the dirt and dead algae, reducing the stress and frequency of backwashing of your filter. Your filter is then looked at and, when needed, backwashed or otherwise cleansed. Other elements of the pool’s system are checked and tested for functionality. Heaters, chemical feeders and generators, additional water features, et cetera, all get some attention. Once the job is complete, and our guys are getting ready to visit the next stop a hand written checklist/bill is assigned to you, it is complete with a breakdown of the pool’s chemistry and additional comments of instructions.

Flexibility in service is important here. We do visit some pools less than every week and some are vacuumed twice each week. Most pools are tended to weekly, and some are looked after by Competition Pool Service year round. Hot tubs too for a VERY minimal additional fee, any nearby hot tub or jacuzzi can also be dealt with. A hot tub that works independently from the pool is also vacuumed, the water chemistry is checked and adjusted, the filter gets cleansed, and systems are checked.

Week to week vacuuming and monitoring of residential pools is our focus, and keeping things up to speed and ready for soaking is our highest priority. We are familiar with many different sorts of control systems, chemical feeders, all filter types and pool robots.

For those of you who actually do enjoy pool maintenance as much as we do, please remember that we do offer one time visits for vacuuming exceptionally dirty pools. This activity is billed at an hourly rate.