Leak hunting is another specialty of Competition Pool and we have invested in some of the newest and most high-tech equipment to do so.

Leak Hunter

It can’t be denied, a leak is a pest and it must be identified, isolated and stopped!

Leak detection is only part of resolving a receding water level.

Leak Detection

Put simply, the LEAK TRACKER works like a metal detector. Its purpose is to find leaks in a Vynal Liner. By following electric current out of a pool a probe sends an audible signal back to a headset that speeds up at it closes in on a loss of voltage / water.

Leak detection is only part of resolving a receding water level.

Pressure Testing

So you suppose some pipes are leaking? There’s a plan for that. By isolating plumbing runs, individually or in a few series, plugging them up, and loading them with water pressure, we’ll be watching a needle on a guage. If it comes up, picks a number, and sits still at that number when the application of pressure is stopped, then that pipe is okay! If however, the needle never comes up or just keeps falling, that means we’ve identified a leak.

Leak detection is only part of resolving a receding water level.


We’ve got Diving. Some of the other guys in this game will actually charge per hour to hook up some scuba gear and inspect a liner inch by inch with dye, following seams, and looking for other cues… Our Leak Tracker completely eliminates this tiring and time consuming process. We’ve got a nice heavy wetsuit, a weight belt, goggles, and an electrically powered air compressor that feeds a respirator. It is used for going strait to a known leak for patching or to a low pipe orefice for pressure testing. We also can dye test some of the usually suspected points of interest while down there.

Leak Suppression

Leaks found in a pool liner are usually patched as soon as they are found. A simple patch which may or may not blend in with its surrounding liner is applied with adhesive. In some cases the patch kit will have some vinyl that resembles the back-ground pattern exactly. And sometimes the leak wins. In the event that multiple leaks are found, more than ten in one liner, for example, it is an indication that the liner is just old. A pool Liner is not meant to last forever, they do wear out, fade, become fashionably out-dated, stain, or cease to hold water efficiently. Liner Changes are another of the Competition’s services.

What happens when we find a leaky pipe attached to your pool? After a proper pressure testing of a pool’s circulation system, the offending pipe can be simply replaced by digging out a new channel for a fresh 1.5 to 2 inch diameter schedule forty PVC pipe. In other contingencies, a break in a pipe can be identified with highly sensitive listening devices.

Sonic Search

The technology exists and Competition uses it to pin point under ground leaks.